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Come take his amazing Hip Hop classes

January 4th, 2015!!  

Ages 7-11:  5:45-6:45pm

Ages 12+:   6:45-8:15pm

$20 if registered and paid in FULL before December 31st.  $30 after that and at the door.

Start your NEW YEAR off grooving' with NICK!!!


Our next show is our

6th annual:

A Tribute to Swan Lake

Performance at the
Amherst Regional Middle School
2pm, Sunday, February 1st, 2015

More details soon!!!


Holiday break: Dec. 24th through to Jan 1st

Classes resume Friday January 2nd, '15

Spring Semester Starts Monday, February 2nd


Trying a new class, a new style?

Got nervous in it?


Give yourself some time!
We all need a couple of weeks to settle in, find what is right for us, which class will both inspire and challenge us in the best ways. All the faculty have YOUR BEST INTERESTS in mind when we make suggestions and encourage you to persevere in something new.
You will need to try a new class more than once to determine if it will be right for you.
Please give it some time!! WE all want YOU to be happy!


Our Fall Show, SPORTS! was a blast!!!  Thank you to all the wonderful performers, families and guests who made our November 16th, 2015 show such a success!!!!!  


The Theme of the Month is:


  What or Who lights up your life? Do you share your light with others? What traditions does your family have about lights? Let us know in class and on our Facebook page!!!!
Let us know on Facebook! We support all you do to make yourself and your community better!!!!


Join the conversation on our vibrant Facebook page!     Click here:


"A Tribute to Swan Lake", our annual Ballet concert 

 Want to REGISTER for classes?

It's EASY!!!:

New students are ALWAYS welcome!!!

Enrollment is ONGOING!

Come in and try a class,

at any time!!!

Come take your classes, fill out the paperwork and write a check or pay cash for tuition.  That's it!!!

                                      DANCE with us!!!


The Elektrik BoyZ performing at the

HOT CHOCOLATE RUN for Safe Passage

December 7, 2014


Pineapple Dance is:

Community!  Excellence!  Fun!

We are a school where all learners are welcome to participate.  Our incredible faculty will guide your progress with love and encouragement, challenge and inspire you, and help you reach your goals. 


 The Pineapple Dance Approach Enriches Lives

Our goal and our passion is to empower everyone
to explore their love of dance by:
maintaining and encouraging an atmosphere
of community and dance training excellence.

The benefits of dancing at Pineapple Dance include:
  • Community
  • Dance Excellence
  • Self Confidence
  • Increased Fitness
  • Fun

Come in for a Free Class.
Bring your child, bring a friend.
See how dancing can change your life.


Our Community Has  A Lot To Say

“Charlotte...welcomes students warmly, accepting all levels and types of kids...[fostering] an environment.... that is safe in terms of body image and beauty, a rarity in dance schools” - Jennifer Fabrizi

“Charlotte is the best kind of teacher- fun, compassionate, and knowledgeable!.” - Remy Fernanzez- O'Brien

[Charlotte] is exactly what you want in a teacher- creative, inspiring, and always positive."- Gavin Andresen

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