Elektrik BoyZ

The Elektrik BoyZ are a youth hip hop crew that grew out of Pineapple Dance's awesome boys' classes.  These amazing kids maintain a weekly rehearsal beyond their regular dance classes, work diligently as a team, and perform at benefits and fundraisers for the community.

 Upcoming Events for The Elektrik BoyZ 

Special rehearsal with NICK ANTHONY on Thursday January 23, 2014, from 7:15-8:30.  Nick is setting a piece of choreography on the Elektrik BoyZ for their permanent repertoire.  We are so excited about this special honor!!!

The ElektriK BoyZ will next be performing at the Pre-School Fair held in the Umass Student Union Ballroom on Saturday morning, January 25, 2014.

Elektrik BoyZ 

Artistic Director: Aliza MIcelotta

$25 Dues:  This 5 month dues goes towards costumes and other fees associated with the crew, props, and performance venue rental.

Weekly Rehearsal on Friday 515-5:45pm.  All members must enroll in at least one dance class (please see "schedule and tuition").  All members MUST attend the weekly rehearsal.  Dedication, consistency and communication are highly valued; if a member is unable to make rehearsal, then an email, text or phone call is required.