Elektrik BoyZ

The Elektrik BoyZ are a youth hip hop crew that grew out of Pineapple Dance's awesome boys' classes.  These amazing kids maintain a weekly rehearsal beyond their regular dance classes and work diligently as a team.  The EBZ's have performed at Amherst's Winterfest 2012, Amherst Block Party 2014 and 2012, Amherst Halloween Party at the Bangs Center 2013, and at all the Pineapple Dance school shows.  EBZ repertoire includes pieces by Nick Anthony professional from LA, Mari and Charlotte, as well as work created by the crew themselves.  They were asked to both perform and teach at the Pioneer Valley Montessori School in Springfield, MA and are available to perform at benefits, fundraisers, schools, and events for the community.  For booking, please contact Mari Washburn at dancechick727@gmail.com or Charlotte Doyle at charlotte.doyle@pineappledance.net

 Upcoming Events for The Elektrik BoyZ 

Rehearsals are producing great new pieces.  Details coming soon!

The EBZ's will perform in the PD Fall show:  SPORTS! on November 16th at 5pm at the Amherst Regional High School.

The ElektriK BoyZ will next be performing at the benefit concert for Simple Gifts Farm.

Elektrik BoyZ 

Artistic Directors:  Mari Washburn & Charlotte Doyle

$25 Dues:  This 5 month dues goes towards costumes and other fees associated with the crew, props, and performance venue rental.

Weekly Rehearsal on Fridays 5:30-6:00pm.  All members must enroll in at least one dance class (please see "schedule and tuition").  All members MUST attend the weekly rehearsal.  Dedication, consistency and communication are highly valued; if a member is unable to make rehearsal, then an email, text or phone call is required.