Frequently Asked Questions

~ What classes do you offer?

Please see 'Schedule and Tuition' for an overview of our schedule.  For more detailed information, go to 'Children's Classes', 'Adult Classes', or 'Fitness Classes'.

~ What is the tuition for classes?

The 'Schedule and Tuition' page details all the tuition for children's and most adult classes, as well.  For some adult and fitness classes, the tuition is listed in 'Adult Classes' and 'Fitness Classes'.  In general, tuition is based on the length of the class.

~ Do you offer any discounts?

Yes.  We encourage students to broaden their dance knowledge; we offer a multi-class discount of 20% for students who take more than one class.  We support families!  We offer a 20% discount for students from the same immediate family, meaning parents and their children.  Sorry, cousins don't qualify.  For those families that like to get everything done at the beginning, we applaud you and reward you with $30 off each semester tuition for paying for the 5 month semester if paid in full within the first month.  All discounts are listed on the 'Schedule and Tuition' page.

~ When do classes start and end?

The Fall Semester starts at the beginning of September and ends January 31st.  The Spring Semester will start on February 1st and ends June 25th, 2016.  Check out the School Calendar for more details on the class schedules.

~ What holidays are there no classes?

For detailed information on which holidays have no classes please check out the School Calendar.  In general, there will be no classes for Thanksgiving weekend, and between Christmas and New Year's and the February and April public school vacation weeks.  We do not cancel for school curriculum days or the many Monday holidays.

~ How do I know what level my child is?

The best place to start is to look at the age range for each class.  This is listed on our 'Schedule and Tuition' page and on the 'Children's Classes' page.  The child should try the class first.  The teacher will discuss the level with the student and parent; if there is a better solution, the teacher and/or director will make a recommendation.