Performance is an important part of a dancer's education. Although we don't require our students to perform, it is encouraged. Learning to get up in front of a crowd has so many positive influences on a person's future, such as practice, confidence, accomplishment, and further aspiration. At Pineapple Dance we never push a student to perform; we take our time and are patient, encouraging for however long it takes for that student to feel comfortable and joyous in front of others.


Our school offers two performances per school year. The first is a showing in January of what we've learned so far along with a mini ballet. The second takes place in early June, and shares the cumulative work of the entire school year. Classes do continue to the third week in June, this timing allows for students to learn new material at the end of the semester, instead of working only on one routine. It is also a great time for current students to bring their friends in to try classes in a friendly and fun environment and to try new styles themselves.

WINTER Concert

January 15th, 2017, 
Academy of Music, Northampton, MA

The first of our two annual school performances is a casual showing of what we have learned in classes so far and is a collection of works in progress.  Our students have an opportunity to get a feel for the material they are studying, learn to work as a team with their classmates, and realize the joy of sharing a performance with others.  Performance will be held at the Academy of Music in Northampton, MA.

Dress rehearsal will be held on Saturday, January 14th, 1:15-4:30pm.  The theme for this year’s show is FASHION, and the Ballet is Le Roi Nu, a version of the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’.

Detailed Information (PDF)

Spring Concert

JUNE 4TH, 2017, 4PM

The final performance of the school year encompasses all the progress of our year of dance school.  The theme for this show is Broadway!  Feel free to share your song suggestions on our Facebook page - we welcome your ideas!