Adjunct Faculty
At Pineapple Dance, our adjunct faculty are every bit as much a part of our community as our faculty and students.  They too strive to embody our values of Community, Excellence and Fun.  We are now exploring new ways of teaching movement, whether it be to babies or to adults for fitness. These faculty members are at the cutting edge in their fields, bring to Pineapple Dance new techniques and styles that we have not been able to explore before. Enjoy!

Jenn Anderson
enn has been dancing for 20 years in a variety of styles including ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, modern and hip hop. During college, she decided to try out a Zumba class as another  way to keep active and continue her love of dance.  She has been taking Zumba classes since 2008, and recently became licensed to teach Zumba in May of 2012 after training with Zumba Education Specialist, Ann Saldi.

During high school, she competed in several group dance competitions in jazz and modern dance.  Her groups placed as high as first and second place regionally in jazz and modern.  She continued to take dance classes in college at UMass Amherst in modern and ballet.

After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders from UMass in 2010, she decided to continue her education and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Special Education at UMass Amherst.  Over this past summer, she taught Zumba in New Hampshire at a gym once a week, and at a high school to students with a wide range of special needs in grades 7-12 once a week.

Her passion for Zumba came from her love of dance and exercise.  She believes that Zumba is the perfect way to combine exhilarating dance moves and aerobics without it even feeling like you're working out.  It doesn't matter if you're doing the moves right or if you're going the wrong way.  As long as you're moving and having fun, you're doing it right!

Jenn currently lives in Florence, MA and enjoys baking, hiking, and hanging out with friends and family.
Leticia Davies

From 1991 to 2000, Leticia was a touring singer songwriter.  Her second recording, "No Songs About Trains" landed her a record contract with The Blue Rose Recording Company in London and Seattle.  Along with bassist Rhys Davies and drummer Chris Ryan, Leticia toured the UK and Europe, playing festivals and opening for well known artists such as Ben Harper, Mike Peters of the Alarm and Martin Stephenson of the Dainties.  During that time, the band recorded "The Viet Nam Ep" and all the tracks for "Gone Daisy", released in 2005.

Leticia and Rhys continued touring the US and performing at Borders Cafes, clubs and festivals,.  They were featured at North by Northwest, Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, South by Southeast, and regularly performed at Pearl Street and The Iron Horse locally.  

In 2001, Leticia began teaching private guitar lessons and Music and Movement classes for children.  Certified as a preschool assistant teacher in 2005, Leticia began teaching preschool at the Learning Playground preschool where she continues to teach music.  Leticia has taught music at Amherst Montessori School for 3 years (toddler to 4th grade) , Pioneer Valley Montessori School for 4 years (from toddler to 6th grade), and currently teaches guitar and ukulele in school and privately with a roster of over 50 students.  Her love of music translates into enthusiasm for teaching both one on one and in group situations.

Leticia joins Pineapple Dance, co teaching Music and Movement for toddlers and preschoolers with Charlotte Doyle.