At Pineapple Dance, we encourage students of all types and ages to explore the artistry, beauty and fitness of dance. We offer many different dance styles in classes that are for adults only or are open to adults, some of which are during the day.

Adult Only or 18+ classes have only adults in them. You are welcome to drop in anytime or to take the class regularly. Some of these classes have a dance number in our recitals, it depends on what the class wants, and some do not (we will never force anyone to perform - only encouragement).

We also offer classes that are open to adults. This means that there will be both teenage students and adults taking this class. Most of these classes have a dance number in the recitals. You have the option of being in the recitals if you wish, but it is not required. As with the adult only classes, you are welcome to drop in at anytime or take the class regularly. 

Please email us for information on classes currentlybeing offered. You can also contact us to schedule private lessons.