Tap Dance

Tap is a unique entity in that the performer is both a dancer and a musician; the body is the instrument!   The rhythms and music that we

make with our feet cause the dance.   Tap has a set vocabulary of basic sounds that when combined create a musical dance.   These

sounds are introduced at the primary level, and built upon as the age and level increase.   Both Broadway and Hoofer styles are

encompassed in all tap classes, so students get a thorough education and history of this form.  Any student who plans a career in musical

theatre or on Broadway should take tap lessons.

Tap Dance Class Schedule

Pre-Primary Tap, ages 3-4

Wed 3:30-4:00pm    -   Lindsay LaValley Fuller


Primary Tap/Tap 1, ages 5-8,    

Wed 4:00-4:45pm     -   Lindsay LaValley Fuller


Tap 2/3, ages 9-13

Wed 5:30-6:30pm     -   Lindsay LaValley Fuller


Tap 4, ages 12+

Thu 6:00-7:00pm     -    Lindsay LaValley Fuller


BroadwayTap,  Ages 12+ 

Tue 7:30-8:30pm     -     Michael Dalton   


Open Tap, ages 12+

Thr  7:30-8:30pm      -    Lindsay LaValley Fuller



Tap/Jazz/Hip Hop, ages 6-9

9:15-10am        -        Cheryl Veasey w/Mari Washburn


Tap/Jazz 4, ages 10-14

Sat 10:00-11:15am     -     Cheryl Veasey w/Mari Washburn