The Pineapple Dance community is different from any other dance school or studio because

we think creating a welcoming dance community is equally important as striving for dance excellence.

Both are critical components of the Pineapple Dance experience!

Who is part of our community?

All current students and their families, all past students and their families, all potential students and their families, all businesses associated with Pineapple Dance, all community groups, all the faculty and master teachers, musicians and artists who are or ever have worked with our school, and people who have donated their time or materials to our school - 

all are members of our growing and ever welcoming community.

How do we build and maintain community?

The faculty model and teach not only excellence in dance technique and performance, but excellence in social skills and responsibility.  We know the future generations are watching and we aim to set the right example.

Pineapple Dance faculty take our mission and goals to heart.

Our connections with other businesses, professionals in the field, and educators of all kinds are important to us.  Pineapple Dance seeks to assist members of our larger community via donations of goods, time, and performance.  The Pineapple Dance Company, JAM Dance and the Elektrik BoyZ have donated performance to fundraisers and are always looking for more opportunities to give.

Faculty and students are encouraged to explore learning from master teachers at conventions and summer intensives.  In so doing, a broader view of the dance world is seen - what the pros do, what are the trends, what new goals we can set for ourselves, what have we learned so far.

Scholarship and donations are the only way for some students to take part in dance classes.  At Pineapple Dance we have the Scholar Scarf Grant Fund.  All donations of scarves or moneys to the fund are welcome, and everyone is encouraged to purchase a scarf (all are handmade originals -only $15).  All of the proceeds go directly to the SSGF, and then to a student who may not have the opportunity to study without this help.  Other methods of raising funds, such as car washes, also serve the purpose of bringing people together. 

What does our community stand for?

We stand for our mission:  To provide a variety of high quality dance instruction to students of all levels within a welcoming and supportive community that fosters dance excellence and the pursuit of self expression.  We stand for:

Community, Excellence, and Fun!

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